First Nations Water Health

In October 2010 Dr Madjid Mohseni and colleagues from UBC’s Faculty of Science hosted a conference aimed at improving First Nations water supplies. [video]

Prof. Dave Close Identifies Evolutionary Link

Dr Dave Close began thinking about lamprey because it was a declining traditional food stock for his community, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon. But recently, his work on steroid stress indicators, identified an important link in evolutionary history.

Message from the Director, First Nations House of Learning

Mitakuye oyasin, chante waste ya nape chiyusa pelo. My friends and relations, with a good heart I shake your hands. I greet you first in the language of my Lakota ancestors, and next acknowledge that I am a relatively recent arrival and guest on the land of the Musqueam people. I thank Musqueam for their […]

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